If you would like to work with a mature, responsible person to build your site, on time and on budget, contact me.  Together we can make a site that is sensible, usable and has the features that you need.

Recent Sites:

Band of Uncles

Playin' a little music with my friends.

Teddy Deane

Teddy is a life-long musician, performer and producer, who has CDs available and will be sharing his other interests, as well.

Fredrick Zydek

Fred is a prolific poet and novelist who wanted to create a central outlet for his books.

Harmony Arts

Beth wanted a site where she could maintain her schedule of classes.  She contributed all of the photos and the basic design concept.


Erin does pet-sitting and animal care for every type of animal (just ask her!)


When she was asked what kind of pie she wanted, Mom always said, "Some of each".
Don't settle for one flavor.

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